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Creed Humphrey Friday (On A Wednesday): Week 1

The NFL is back and that means the best center in the NFL is back in action.

Creed Humphrey opened his 2022 season by turning #91 on the Cardinals into his personal practice dummy, stoning him on every pass rush attempt and clearing running lanes that even Clyde Edwards-Helaire could run through.

Just like we started last season, we’ll be tracking the best blocks of the week from The Best Center In The NFL.

Here are the blocks of Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals:

1. Get It Started Early

Second snap of the game, first pass play and poor widdle #91 gets his first match against Creed. Once Creed gets his hands on ’em, it’s over.

2. “Up The Gut They Go”

First down runs are the analytics-only gurus nightmare, but first down runs behind the Gut and Butt of Creed are money plays. Especially when #91 gets sealed off better than a Ron Popeil invention. Extra credit for pushing him back six yards.

3. Stick This In Your A-Gap

Cardinals try and show double A-Gap pressure with two first-round pick linebackers against Creed and Joe Thuney. Although the play gets stopped because Budda Baker is good and dissects and pursuits like a mad man, the initial punch Creed gets on Zaven Collins here is going to leave the linebacker questioning his life decision to get near the LOS ever again.

4. You Shall Not Pass

We skip ahead to the third quarter for a 1st and Goal from the 10 yard line. Cardinals decide to save #91’s manhood for this rep and match #90 Rashard Lawrence against him. Lawrence tries to hit Creed with a push-pull move, which the Best Center In The NFL scoffs at.

5. Throw The Damn Towel

The Cardinals sacrifice of #91 to the O-Line Gods was really unexpected, but all day they allowed him to get his ass kicked by TBCITN.
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