Creed Humphrey Friday: Week 10

The best center in the NFL is a rookie 2nd round pick named Creed. Perfect.

Celebrate the arrival of the weekend with highlights of DAWT’s favorite Chief. Here are the five best blocks by Creed Humphrey week 10 against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday Night Football.

1. Creed Smash

Everyone’s favorite from week 10 so we start there. Slip, recover, lead the way, blast a defender through the Earth’s crust.

2. Creed Only Needs One Arm

Snap with the left, press a DT with the right like you do those dumbbell snacks in weight room.

3. Creed Stonewall

Get a push on the DT to open a run lane, stay engaged with the DT for a Madden-esque 8 yards per carry.

4. Creed Quick Like A Cat

This isn’t the flashiest of blocks but the DT lines up on Creed’s play-side shoulder on a toss run. Humphrey, quick as all get out, still gets outside the DT to move the line of scrimmage. Now if only the Chiefs would stop running sweeps and tosses with slow running backs.

5. Creed Turtle

Not a block, just enjoyable. So enjoy.

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