Creed Humphrey Friday: Week 11

Happy Thanksgiving to the best center in the NFL.

Creed finished Week 11 with a 78.4 grade (according to PFF) which is well below his season total (91.1), but minor setbacks set the stage for major comebacks. Oh and, 78.4 is still pretty good.

Let us celebrate and give thanks, to Creed Humphrey. Others do:

Here are the blocks of the week

1. Creed Track 1

First offensive snap of the game. Find Creed’s butt and go.

2. Creed Back To Back

Creed opens the game with two snaps, two up-the-middle runs, and 14 yards.

3. Creed Tuddy

Masterful opening drive for the Chiefs recognizing running up the middle is good as Creed blocks his man onto the sideline

4. Creed Outta Here

Snap, block down for the pull action, remove your man from the play entirely. Creed you nasty.

5. Follow Creed To Freedom

There’s a theme with these highlights…maybe Chiefs should run more behind their interior O-line? That’s a First and 10 run for eight yards following the best center in the NFL.

Thanksgiving Weekend Bonus Creed

Here’s a video of Creed squatting 500-pounds like it’s some puny Cowboys defensive tackle.