Creed Humphrey Friday: Week 12

Such a pisser of a bye week because there was no Creed Mauling to watch. Still though, the best center in the NFL content doesn’t stop.

While there are no best blocks of the week to display (unless of course there’s some vids out there of Creed running pass pro sets on a beach somewhere) there are still the best Creed tweets to share.

Sign us up for that sweet, sweet substack Creed content, Sethy Poo. Look what Creed does to this poor DT from the Chargers.

What, you thought we were lying? He’s the best center in the league for sure.

One sack. One. One sack allowed. Read that stat again. Unreal.

Creed’s run block grade has him surrounded by All Pros. Decent work.

Gonna have to send Seth Keysor an invoice for all the free ads.

Just in case you were curious, yes Creed did freakish things in college too.

A clip from training camp – there was a gleam then, men.

You have to wonder how much the Chiefs front office and coaching staff giggled to themselves after Creed Humphrey got to camp and started dummying defensive linemen.

It may seem silly to be this fired up about a center on a team that deploys three Hall of Famers on offense, but Creed Humphrey is the best center in football, and that’s pretty neat.