Creed Humphrey Friday: Week 2

The Best Center In The NFL is back on top after a dominating run blocking performance on Thursday Night Football last week. And with his two-week performance, he’s now the third overall offensive lineman in the National Football League. What a guy.

Here now are the blocks of the week:

1. Hot Start

It’s tradition for block #1 to be the first play of the game. It’s every week. Inside zone right up Creed Humphrey-Trey Smith boulevard and let them move people the hell out’the way.

2. Second Verse, Same As The First

Two plays. Two inside run calls. Easy peasy. Creed second-levels this one to get Kenneth Murray out the way as CEH stumbles forward just shy of the line to gain.

3. The Only Short Yardage Play In The Andy Reid Playbook That Works

Because Creed. The inside give to Michael Burton is automatic when you have TBCITN leading the way. When this is the only short-yardage call in the Chiefs playbook that works, and you run it for a gain of four, your IOL is doing work.

4. Screen Time

The screen game with CEH has been underwhelming since the back has come into the league, but the blame can’t be on Creed for that. #52 gets outside the tackle and blows the Chargers linebacker completely off the screen.

5. Pancakes Are Yummy

Chiefs had the inside zone game working against the Chargers. This first down run goes for 5+ thanks to Creed pancaking an irrelevant IDL for the Bolts.

6. The Game Sealer

If you’re springing 4.7 – 40 Clyde Edwards-Helaire for a 52-yard game sealer you know you’re doing something right. Watch the wall get created to the right of center. Extra credit goes to “he doesn’t block” Travis Kelce for stoning Derwin James. You love to see it.