Creed Humphrey Friday: Wild Card Weekend

Another weekend. More dominance.

The man called Creed continues to be the best rookie center in the history of the game (don’t fact check that). We’ll be magnanimous and keep it to just the center position, because he’s probably best rookie offensive lineman ever. Don’t believe me?

We all know if PFF says it’s true it must be true and there’s no reason to think about the grading critically. Especially not when it confirms the already accepted fact that Creed Humphrey is the best rookie center in the history of the game.

The Chiefs pumped the Steelers during Wild Card Weekend thanks to a return of the screen game and Creed Humphrey dummying All-Pro Cameron Heyward, and others, for four quarters. Earning Creed, shockingly, the highest grade of all rookies playing during the first round of the playoffs.

So here now, the best blocks of the week from Creed Humphrey

1. As is tradition the first best block of the week is the first damn play of the game. The Chiefs have made a habit of making their opening play some form of inside zone or power, taking advantage of running right up Creed’s ample backside. They do it again here with Kelce and Thuney pulling, and Creed pancaking the utterly overwhelmed Heyward for a seven yard gain.

2. There’s a theme brewing — once again Creed stones Heyward on the initial pass rush, then once Heyward recognizes screen its too late. Creed one-arms Heyward five yards downfield until the pursuit angle saves the “all-pro” defensive tackle from further embarrassment.

3. The long missing screen-game in Andy Reid’s bag of tricks was out heavy against the Steelers, and Creed’s strength and mobility was the catalyst. Here he gets the initial hit on the nose before scrapping off to engulf the safety trying to fill. Good luck, son.

4. The best play design of the week: a misdirection inside zone with a designed cutback. Only a wild man play designer would draw up something like this, and it only works with someone like Creed getting to the second level and stealing the soul out of a helpless linebacker.

Creed is good. And look at ‘ol boy eat.