ESPN Was Too Busy Sucking Pete Alonso’s Dick and Ignored An Absolute Laser Show From Salvador Perez

Put another one in the “ESPN is the absolute worst” column. The Home Run Derby used to be one of ESPN’s best produced events and now it’s absolute garbage.

Pete Alonso put up an all-time performance and the broadcast decided to immediately ignore Salvador Perez launching 28 home runs and tying Josh Hamilton’s Yankee Stadium performance because the producers were too busy burying their faces in Alonso’s lap and cutting to an absolutely worthless interview with non-participant Fernando Tatis Jr. all while mentioning Sal parking dongs into the last row of the Coors Field bleachers on nearly every single pitch.

ESPN continues to be garbage. Sal Perez is one of the most liked players in the league, putting on an all-time derby performance and giving Alonso a run for his money and they. just. ignored it. They didn’t even ask Alonso a question about it. Too busy asking him what music he listens to.

Oh, well. Congratulations to the New York Mets on taking home a first round win in a novelty event.