In Defense of Jackson Mahomes Dumping Water on Those Losers

I don’t know why people pay the money they do to go associate with the barnyard animals that take up a good portion of real estate in your average NFL stadium. Case in point, Jackson Mahomes dealing with these two losers after the Chiefs loss in Baltimore Sunday night:

Jackson Mahomes helps a rowdy Ravens fan hydrate after a crushing Chiefs loss (via ig: Bobbysworld88)

Originally tweeted by Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) on September 20, 2021.

It must be nice to record an out-of-context 10 second encounter after a four-hour football game that makes a dude with an already less than stellar internet reputation with NFL fans look bad. Losers like this are in every NFL stadium in the country. Dudes whose major accomplishment that week was sitting in a parking lot for three hours and finishing a case of Keystone Light and a pint of Fireball. Losers like this who if Clyde Edwards-Helaire hadn’t have fumbled, would likely have had their week, month or possibly year ruined yet again because the Ravens couldn’t beat Patrick Mahomes or his attention-seeking little brother, reminding them that their entire, massive failure of a life was encapsulated into that game.

I don’t want to know what Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews deal with when they visit opposing stadiums. Do they bring it on themselves? Maybe? Being loud and obnoxious is your god-given right as an NFL fan, and when you literally are connected to the greatest player on the planet by blood and spawn, you can claim investment into the outcome more than anybody in that stadium. So, I don’t really care how wild and rowdy they get. It’s considerably less embarrassing and uncalled for than what the drunks in the upper deck are usually up to.

Their joy from going viral for getting under Jackson Mahomes skin will ultimately fade. Couldn’t even fire off an iconic meme phrase like “Suns in four” or “you’re not that guy, pal” they could sell a few thousand t-shirts off of. Nope, just a predictable “LET’S GOOOOOO”. Ultimately, they went back to their three bedroom apartment, shit in a toilet shared by three other people, desperately swiped sixes and occasional fours on Hinge and Bumble and play Call of Duty into the wee hours of the morning before they went to sleep, woke up hungover and went back to their unfulfilling, unimportant life until they die.

Life will literally never get better for them than it was when a B-list TikTokker poured water on them and they got on Barstool. Enjoy, fellas.