Introducing DongTown Tees

We are happy to introduce DongTown Tees. We’ve been working on this for the past few weeks and we’re proud to unveil it to our friends today.

Shocker. Website introduces merch.

This is how we plan on funding this operation and keep pumping out the good stuff for you to consume and ultimately, spend more time on pumping out the good stuff. If you enjoy our work here, the best thing you can do to support us is buy a shirt and proudly tell people where you got it. We will be rolling out new merch on a routine basis, so stay tuned.

We want you to wear these shirts proudly, spill Busch Light on them in Lot G, splatter wing sauce on them at The Peanut, come home reeking of cherry smoke and Fireball. Our goal is to deliver you high quality shirts that you can wear proudly and wave this flag all over the planet.

If you spend more than $50, you get free shipping (automatically applies at checkout). We’re also giving you 20% off of your entire order (use code “DAWT20” at checkout) your first order for the first week the site is live. That’s our gift to you for helping us build this fun little niche we’re carving out for ourselves here on the internet.

The shirts are printed on high quality Bella+Canvas shirts. That’s the good, soft, fabric that isn’t tight or rough or falls apart after a few washes. If I wanted to sell people cheap t-shirts, I’d move to Fort Lauderdale and open a gift shop on the beach. Not that it isn’t in my plans, anyway.

Shirts are printed and shipped to order, so please allow 7-10 days for delivery. I’m not Jeff Bezos. If I was, I’d be on a yacht somewhere off the Amalfi Coast, not writing blogs. Regardless, I’m happy to do this for everyone. Buy a shirt. Wear it proudly. Tell ’em Brian sent you.

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