Let’s Break Down the Food Results in Kansas City Magazine’s “Best of Kansas City” Poll

“Remember, Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a Democracy, yet, that did not commit suicide.” -John Adams, 1814

The results are in! The drooling masses have reached their verdict. Let’s take a look at some of the best that Kansas City has to offer, according to its magazine of record.

The BBQ categories were predictably swept by the blue bloods of Q39, Joe’s and Jack Stack. So, no qualms from me there. Not much love for Harp, Chef J, Scott’s Kitchen, Jousting Pigs or Scott’s Kitchen, but KC knows what they know in BBQ.

I actually love the Best of KC poll. Great little nuggets and hidden gems around the city that you otherwise wouldn’t know about, but also some hilarious results due to the fact that the brainless hordes in JoCo usually come in and screw several categories up.

Best Breakfast: First Watch

We’re off to the races with a regional chain. I personally would have gone with Village Inn if we were going with regional chains, but that’s just me.

Best Brunch: First Watch

Alright, seems to be a pattern developing. People seem to really love waiting two hours to eat some food they could get for free at a Holiday Inn Express.

Best Johnson County Bar: Johnny’s Tavern

Perfect. Call up the Kevinator and text Will the Thrill! The Lenexa crew needs a high top for four to yell at the TV when ESPN doesn’t cut away from the one-possession ACC game to show the tip-off of KU/East Tennessee State.

Best Hot Dog: Quiktrip

Hell yeah. Shout out to the Friday Lunch at QT crew. I have yet to find a better dog in KC than what I pull off the roller at QT at 1 A.M. after perilously crossing Main to get from The Levee to Quiktrip. That place is like Fallujah.

Best Burrito: Chipotle

Now we’ve reached the summit of mediocrity. Chipotle? Like the Chipotle that I can get at any mall in America? My love for Chipotle has soured since their cauliflower rice fiasco last winter. Two bucks extra and they still stiffed you on it. If you asked for more than they gave you, they looked at you like you sneezed in the guac. It was a disgrace. Better burrito places in KC than Chipotle:

-Burrito Bros
-Champion Burrito To-Go
-Tiki Taco
-San Antonio
-California Taco Shop

Best Fries (Runner Up): Freddy’s

I love Freddy’s. Wichita is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to fast food. They churn out corporate feeding troughs like LSU churns out defensive backs. White Castle, Pizza Hut, Freddy’s, Spangle’s. They’re pioneers. But Freddy’s fries are not good. I put them on the same level as In-N-Out. They’re deep fried paper straws. I need some thickness and a good bite to my french fry, not some fried scraps. Also…not a KC based chain.

Joe’s KC took home their rightful crown yet again. I don’t think anyone will ever challenge them, although I am a huge fan of French Market’s Hannah Fries and The Peanut’s classic crinkle cut fries (slathered in cheese and chili)

Best Food Pop-Up: Taco Republic Food Truck

I am confusion. Taco Republic is the most corporate taco shop in KC. It’s fine, but they literally just opened a new location in an old Arby’s. Leave some room for the underdogs here. Among those nominated: Harp BBQ, On the Hook (fish and chips), Columbus Park Ramen.

I have detailed my love for Harp BBQ here. If you have not been out to Raytown to try it, I recommend blocking off a couple of hours on a Saturday morning soon. It’s worth the wait. On the Hook is phenomenal as well. Columbus Park Ramen may not be what you’re craving during the summer, but a big bowl of broth and noodles hits just right sometimes.

That’s really all I’ve got. What else can I say? KC’s food taste cracks me up.