Let’s Break Down This kU Fan’s Amazing Lack of Self Awareness on The Today Show

A community in mourning. A nation wondering why the FBI continues to ignore red flags for mass shooters seeking answers to another senseless mass shooting.

Luckily, Gary from Lenexa was on vacation in the Big Apple and fulfilled his lifelong dream of shouting out his beloved Jayhawks on The Today Show. The healing process starts now.

This is the worst thing kU has taken from Buffalo since Turner Gill.

Just completely ignorant and self important. Perfectly kansas. He sees the producer giving Al Roker the “wrap it up” signal and this was his moment.

“And this here goes out to Lawrence, Kansas! Home ‘uh duh national champions! Woooooo!”

He’s long been toiling in middle management at Kiewit and decided to take his bonus and take the family to NYC for summer vacation. Woke up at 4 a.m. to go get his spot out in front of the studio to scream over grieving mothers who just learned their nephew was gunned down at a grocery store by a 4chan troll.

This guy went straight from humiliating himself on live television at the cost of a walking gun control advertisement and went straight to Rockefeller Plaza to wait in line for six hours to go watch Jimmy Fallon have a highly staged water balloon fight with the kids from Stranger Things.