Mark Emmert Is A Big Dumb Idiot

Ah, the privileged class of higher education academics. No group of back-patters have done more to destroy culture than these loafers-with-suits wearing stiffs.

Mark Emmert, who clearly combs his hair with the scraps of plywood leftover after he syphoned the university endowment to pay some contractor under the table to remodel his deck, let loose this gem of stupidity yesterday during a conference call.

Yeah, real tough, Mark.

It must be real difficult to artificially inflate tuition costs because the fed has been guaranteeing student loans to everyone with a pulse the last thirty years. It must be real difficult to keep the kids in their pens while you jet-set and party with politicians to see which tax break and stimulus package you can use to grift your way to a third home in the Caribbean.

It’s been a tough few years for Emmy, he sold his Whidbey Island home AND his Sonoma home. Poor bastard.

Sweet Mark Emmert, just a man, unfrozen in these times, who used to work the hardest job in America and now has destroyed the NCAA. This world must frighten and confuse him.

In honor of this stupidity, here are some jobs that others may actually consider the hardest job in America:

1 . Military

We’re not talking the higher ups, the people controlling the purse, the real scum bags of society. Not the ones that sign off on arms deals and foreign aid packages to get their kicks backs. No, we’re talking the grunts. The people. The ones that, you know, could give their lives for their jobs. I’m sure university president is harder though.

2. Coal Miners

A job so hard there’s a life threatening condition named after the work they do? No it’s not Cocktail Dinners With Your Country Club Friends Lung. Coal Miners never see the light of day just like all the campus sexual harassment claims university president’s snuff out.

3. Line Installers and Repairers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, line installers and repairers have one of the hardest jobs because “the risk of death and injury to these workers is much higher than average due to daily exposure to potentially deadly hazards”. Deadly? Sure. Hardest though? Certainly not.

Anyway, that’s just three. Maybe I could come up with more if university president wasn’t so hard. Who knows. Either way I hope Mark Emmert can sleep at night knowing he’s personally responsible for the implosion of the NCAA, and the day of reckoning coming soon when the SEC forms its own athletic conference and flips Emmert the bird.

Emmert, if you’re reading, please click play on the following video: