Monday Morning Piss Heater: Bo Jackson Leads Off The 1989 All-Star Game

The late 80s were the golden era of Royals baseball.

Still one of the best teams in the American League years after winning the World Series in ‘85 (must be nice), it was a franchise loaded with must-see stars, none more of a marquee attraction than Bo Jackson.

In 1989, Bo was leading the AL in homeruns at the break and was slated to leadoff the bottom of the first inning in Anaheim. Fireworks were expected.

This game had it all: The GOAT Ronald Reagan, Vin Scully, Bo Jackson, 2-in-1 stirrup socks, and Bo Jackson’s quads. Every Royals fan this night wanted to see their modern day Hercules do something incredible, and he did.

Get your piss hot with Bo Jackson’s lead off homerun in the 1989 All Star Game.