Monday Morning Piss Heater: Commando

Your boys called you on Saturday night to hit the town. They have a three-day weekend, you don’t.

Your wife dragged you to an adult party that was costumed themed and you didn’t know. They have a three-day weekend, you don’t.

You spent all day Sunday at a little league/softball tournament (literally all day) because your kids’ coach just can’t help himself and schedules five nights a week of sports. He, and your kids have a three-day weekend. You don’t.

Today is for those of us with real jobs. Not jobs protected by public sector unions and cushy government lazies.

Get your piss hot with the Alpha of all Alpha’s: Arnold. Commando is a cinematic masterpiece complete with distorted sound mixing, a former delta commando with an Eastern Bloc accent, and that delta struggling in hand-to-hand combat with a doughy old-ass wearing a fish net tank top.

They don’t make them like this anymore.

And sense you’re stuck at work with nothing to do, might at well watch the whole thing.