Sunday DAWT Links And NFL Picks

Come one, come all, to the weekly recap of them all. Hot links, fave links, and fire picks to make you rich.

The Chiefs close the regular season at 12-5 and still have a shot at the #1 seed. Gary Pinkel to the hall, just get Pat the ball, today we are all Texans. It’s…

Monday Morning Piss Heater: Groundhog Day

We tried to get your piss hot but the first full week back from Christmas and New Years is always the toughest. Get on that hamster wheel and move, the machine needs your soul so the Cathedral can rule, pleb.

The Monday Rant: A Coaching Disaster

We recalled the inexplicable coaching choices at the end of the Chiefs 34-31 lose to the Bengals, pretty much surrendering the #1 seed.

Making matters worse was the justification of treating the 3rd and 27 as a “3rd and 6”. If you have Patrick Lavon Mahomes III on your team and you’re scared of allowing a 47-yard field goal attempt to put you down three points with more than 3:00 left on the clock, and having all your timeouts still, rewind yourself.

Gary Pinkel is a Hall Of Famer And That Means a Lot

We wrote about Coach. Our coach. He turned our progrum around, gave us a national identity, gave us Brad and Chase and Chase and Jeremy and Martin and Aldon and Mitch and Danario and so many more.

What an honor.

90 By 40

The journey continues as Scobes continues to set new highs with an 18 mph increase on some of his throwing drills from where he started.

NFL Picks


MCGANNON: 8 –7 (47 – 33 overall)

SCOBES: 8 – 7 (48 – 32)

CHI @ MIN+5.5 / -5.5MINMIN
GB @ DET-3 / +3GBGB
IND @ JAX-15 / +15INDJAX
PIT @ BAL+3.5 / -3.5BALBAL
TEN @ HOU-10 / +10HOUTEN
CAR @ TB+8 / -8TBTB
NE @ MIA-6 / +6MIANE
NO @ ATL-3.5 / +3.5NONO
NYJ @ BUF+16 / -16BUFBUF
SEA @ ARI+6.5 / -6.5ARIARI
SF @ LAR+4.5 / -4.5LARLAR
LAC @ LV-3 / +3LVLAC