The DongTown Tees Black Friday Sale is Here

We’re cutting prices over at DongTown Tees this week for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 25% off the ENTIRE site for the next week. The sale ends at midnight next Monday, so hurry up. Delivery times are looking great for the holidays. We’re seeing average delivery times of 7-10 days, but you will not get better prices on the entire catalog than this week. Whole site. 25% off. Hurry, hurry.

I get so hyped up for Christmas, man. We’ve also just added holiday cards to the store. Click here to see the designs.

I’m still riding high from the Mizzou and Chiefs wins this weekend, I might as well still be drunk. These discounts are insane. I have completely destroyed my margins. Why? Because I love the people just that much. Your outpouring of support for me, Scobes, DAWT and DongTown Tees has surpassed expectations. Buy some shirts, support the cause, we’ll keep pumping out the content.

We’ve been slinging “Win. Cover. Peanut.” shirts like crazy, but we’ve also been moving other shirts too. We got some great KC-centric designs. Enjoy.