Tracking The Royals Offense May 9, 2022

The Royals caught a break last week – or maybe they didn’t, who can say – having two games rained out so the team was a provided with an opportunity to rest and reset the season’s early season struggles on offense.
That did not happen.
A 2-4 week was cemented by three games of scoring two runs or fewer, and being shutout in two of them. The Royals are 28th in baseball slugging percentage and we 27th in wRC+.
For the season the Royals remain in last place in runs scored, and this week dropped three spots to 28th in walks despite an 11-walk game and 23-walk series the previous week.
The record is 9-17
  Walks Homeruns Runs
2007 29th 30th 27th
2008 30th 27th 25th
2009 27th 24th 23rd
2010 23rd 26th 20th
2011 25th 21st 10th
2012 30th 26th 20th
2013 26th 28th 18th
2014 30th 30th (95 total!) 14th
2015 29th 24th 7th
2016 30th 27th 23rd
2017 30th 20th 24th
2018 28th 26th 25th
2019 26th 28th 26th
2020 25th 20th 24th
2021 30th 27th 24th
2022 – April 18 30th 29th 28th
2022 – April 25 30th 26th 29th
2022 – May 2 25th 28th 30th
2022 – May 9 28th 29th 30th – Tied