You Better Not Hurt Texas’s Feelings. You Better Not.

Don’t mess with Texas. I’m serious, bro. We’re back. Don’t mess with us. Seriously, man. I’m gonna call my dad and then you’ll really be in trouble. Bro, don’t! Don’t horns down me, bro! (loud screeching)

Texas has yet again lobbied the Big 12 to make it illegal to hurt their feelings, just make sure you don’t do it to their face. They can’t handle that kind of mockery.

Make a horns down motion to your fans? Sure. Make a horns down motion in literally any other direction?

I love that these are the conversations we have in July. It’s like preheating the oven for the lunacy that comes with football season. After a weird season with barely any fans last year, we’re gonna be bigger, better and stronger when it comes to football delusion.