90 By 40: Week 19


So much has happened over the last two years, it would be nearly impossible for someone not to get caught up in the anxieties, worries, and what ifs of the world around them. It’s hard to imagine what an athlete on the cusp of college, or the cusp of athletic life after college, must be going through to maintain the proper focus and preparation needed in order to be their very best.

There’s an abundance of time being wasted. Wasted on the failed directives of those in charge. Wasted on worrying about the behaviors of others that have no tangible effect on your life. Wasted on the fear of what may happen if…without the perspective being applied to that being the same calculus used for everyday life anyway.

I’m a time waster. Always have been. I know this about myself and it’s a daily struggle to make sure I stay busy. Make your bed. Pick your clothes up off the floor. Take out the trash. Clean the sink. Respond to that email. Get your workout in. Read to the kids. I’m the type that knows I have to have daily tasks assigned to myself because 10 minutes of couch time can turn into 2 hours real fast.

If the last two years have taught us anything it’s that, I think, there are many others just like me but aren’t willing to prioritize their time. We only get one crack at this. Irrespective of failed leadership policies, eventually this will all be over — whether that’s this two weeks turned two years, or life in general. At some point we all have to realize that if we’re not getting to work on a goal or something we love, or submersing ourselves in the love of our families, we’re just wasting time.


I’ve had some questions about the equipment I use so figured I take some time to outline it.

For the weighted balls I use this set from Driveline (available on Amazon). I’ve used the brand from TAP you can also find with a google search. The two are roughly similar, but the balls from Driveline I feel have a thicker coating which makes them very durable. It would take a lot to bust these open.

The Jaeger J-Bands are a pretty ubiquitous product for the arm band category now. In my past I used the TAP bands from Oates Specialties, but the J-Bands are more mobile and can click into just about anywhere.

The Driveline wrist weights are a new(er) product that I did not use while I was training pitchers but have become a pretty standard development tool. These are my go-to, I use them before each throwing drill and for each cool-down. They’re always in my bag.

For the radar gun I use the Pocket Radar and the accompanying app to take clips of each throw and give me an audio reading of the velocity. Ideally I’d want a radar with decimals, but just to get going, this is a relatively inexpensive option for how important a training tool it is. If you want to improve it, you have to measure it. A radar gun is the only way.

You’ll be pretty set with these three things to go going. Advanced training could use a Total Bar but for the basics of what you need, weighted balls, J-Bands, wrist weights, and a radar gun.


Been a while since last check-in so I’ll just hit the highlights.

I finally cracked 80 mph last week; this one on a pulldown. You’ll see a lot of videos of pitchers in the offseason using this training drill in their social media vids. 1. It’s the most effective in telling you what your peak athletic output is. 2. It’s just fun, dammit.

As for the log here’s a good snap shot of project-to-date. The significant gains in pure arm strength on the double knee and standing drills is not surprising but still very encouraging. I’m in the place I figured I’d be in when this first started: the arm is healthy and strong enough to carry the workload, now it’s time for the strength and mobility component to take the next step.

Core Taps
Diagonal R31343
Diagonal L28346
Can Opener30366
4 Square34406
Med Ball Throws
1 knee28~4
Torque R26304
Torque L25294
Windmill R25305
Windmill L29~5
Stretch R29312
Stretch L27292
Double Knee456318
Step Behind72808

In a couple weeks I’ll get on a mound for the first time to get the first real test as to where I stand with this. If I had to guess I’m probably ~78 mph off a mound right now. If in two weeks I can test off a mound at 80mph, that’s going to be a really good sign.

Just over five months left in this. Time cannot be wasted.

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