A 2007 Chiefs Appreciation Post

Sometimes, it’s important to look back just to see how far you’ve truly come. The 2007 Kansas City Chiefs were one of, if not the most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL…ever.

Herm Edwards was coming off of a 9-7 season where the Chiefs snuck into the playoffs due to week 17 chaos and proceeded to get absolutely throttled by the Colts after starting a clearly still concussed Trent Green even though Damon Huard had gone 5-3 to finish the regular season. He and Larry Johnson dragged the 2006 Chiefs, a team that had no business being in the playoffs, into the postseason. Predictably, Herm was about as depressingly vanilla on offense as everyone knew he would be. The Colts had one of the best run defenses in the league. He sat Huard and started Trent, who hadn’t played since September. I still thought they should have gone play-action all game long and shock the world, but that’s Herm.

The 2007 team started 4-3…and proceeded to lose nine games in a row. Herm was fired. King Carl was fired. Tony Gonzalez was traded and we started the slow trek to where we are now.


“I’m 6’6! 300 pounds of twisted shit and I’m trying to blow your knee out!” -Tim Krumrie. Football Guy.

RIP Gunther Cunningham. All-time red ass. Remember, Thanksgiving and Christmas is a distraction over what’s really important, which is football.

Somebody get Tank Tyler a sleep apnea mask.

Carl Peterson and his advisors debating whether or not they should carry two fullbacks to keep Boomer Grigsby on the team. We’ve gone from Boomer Grigsby being the #53 man on the roster as a fullback, to having to deciding to cut Andrew Wylie or Armani Watts.

It took Kyle Turley all of one week to start an all out brawl during practice.

They told Bobby Sippio he made the team. Then released him. Then signed him to the practice squad after proclaiming him to be the next great hidden gem possession receiver in the NFL.

Kelli Croyle, I love you.

This team losing 12 games was hilarious. Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson were in their primes. Donnie Edwards had 100 tackles (!!!). Dwayne Bowe had 995 yards receiving as a rookie. John Welbourn, Brian Waters and Casey Wiegmann started all 16 games. Tamba Hali and Jared Allen combined for 23 sacks. Derrick Johnson breakout season (before Todd Haley inexplicably stuck him on special teams for two years). Their secondary consisted of Ty Law, Patrick Surtain and Bernard Pollard. They had probably five Hall of Famers on the roster (Tony, DJ, Ty Law, Brian Waters, Allen). They could not find a quarterback to save their lives.

Enjoy what we have now, because this was a beautiful disaster.