Creed Humphrey Friday: Divisional Round

A bit of a down week but the legend continues.

The Chiefs called just 17 runs from formation as opposed to 50+ dropbacks, so far fewer opportunities for Creed to #dominate in the trenches as he has all year.

Still though, the Best Rookie Center In NFL History put blocks on tape and stole some defenders’ manhoods. Here’s the best Creed Humphrey blocks of the week.

1. The Chiefs ran this play a week ago – an inside zone misdirection to the play side – and ran it again this week to perfection. Creed stones the defensive tackle at the point of attack and stands up a grown-ass 300-pounder with the effort it would take to mount deer antlers.

2. A new defensive tackle, same result. The ol’ Thurman Thomas counter trey, and Creed blows up the tackle for an easy six yard gain.

3. Even when Creed isn’t getting huge chunks of defenders, you’re seeing defenders shy away from him in space. Here, the linebacker gets the one-arm shiver and dances backwards taking himself completely out of the play. Coward.

4. One of the most fun parts about watching center play is how they hit everything that crosses their face. Here, Creed has his head on a swivel to see who he can hit. He gets the tackle at the snap, the defensive end coming around for the stunt, then incorporates a perfectly executed Ope! butt block. Legend.

5. Half credit on this one as I’m not sure how a defensive lineman is supposed to handle a Thuney-Humphrey double team. Pray? Cry?

Here’s the endzone view of that play. Look at the size of that hole.