Happy 35th Anniversary to the GOAT Jim Cantore

The Weather Channel’s all-time great and perennial cleanup hitter, Jim Cantore is celebrating his 35th anniversary today. What a run.

I don’t know if there’s another journalist in America who carries as much weight as the Big Doppler. If Jim Cantore has landed at your city’s airport, you better believe that you’re about to get your shit rocked. Bad weather follows this guy around everywhere.

He’s a cable news hall of famer for sure. You cannot utter the names of Stuart Scott, Larry King, Kurt Loder or Jon Stewart without putting Cantore in there. He’s in Cooperstown.

He’s also responsible for one of the greatest one liners I’ve ever seen.


Put that thing right next to “Our ass is in the jackpot.”

Happy anniversary and much continued success to America’s weatherman.