Ralph Lauren Nailed The Opening Ceremony Uniforms Again

The Olympics are almost here, which means it is undoubtedly time for Ralph Lauren to unveil their awesomely snooty Opening Ceremonies attire for Team USA and boy, did they not disappoint this year.

Tim Dillon and Team USA are singlehandedly keeping these people in business.

Let’s head to the yacht club for some daiquiris, lads. Nautical looks are IN for 2021.

While I can appreciate the preppiness and classic style of this look, it leaves me wanting more.

I would have liked to see them draw more inspiration from Canada’s look from the 1992 games in Barcelona.

We don’t give Canada enough credit for firing off insane fits for the opening ceremonies. Look at this one from 1988 in Calgary. Had to show out for the home crowd and did they ever.


But I think overall, I’m disappointed. If Ralph Lauren really wanted to nail a classic look, they should have drawn inspiration from Estonia’s garb in Barcelona. Truly stunning.