Introducing The Monday Morning Power Digest, Only On Substack

My good friends and readers, I have recently launched my weekly substack, dubbed “The Monday Morning Power Digest.” It’s whatever I want to write about. It’s curated just for you.

The reality is that a huge chunk of my audience is simply just not on social media anymore. You guys have careers, homes and families you tend to. You don’t endlessly scroll on social media anymore, unless it’s your job and if it is, then I truly have pity for you. But what y’all definitely do is check your email religiously. So shoot me a sub. This will be waiting for you every Monday morning. Enjoy.

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s Digest:

Zillow House That Would Financially Ruin Me of the Week

8155-8156 Algonquin Rd, Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Location: Mackinack Island, MI
Pricetag: $2.5 million
Sq. footage: 7,434
Beds: 10
Baths: 6

Speaking of financial ruin, if you’ve ever wondered where all the GM execs ran off to after they gutted every manufacturing job in Detroit, it’s Mackinack Island on the eastern edge of the confluence of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. This place is so fucking luxurious, but most of the houses haven’t been remodeled since the late ‘70s or mid-80s and have incredible midcentury and postmodern finishes. What is one to do with a fat bonus you got for shipping your 4,000-employee cupholder manufacturing facility to Mexico? Need to get out of town because a union boss put a $100,000 price on your head? Buy an obnoxious 10-bedroom lake house with another country easily accessible by boat. I respect the white collar brazenness, honestly.

Stock Pick of the Week

The Pelosi ETF, which is currently up 27% on the year. The woman simply cannot miss!

*This is not financial advice, etc. etc.

5 Power Moves You Can Pull When it Snows

  • 1. Threaten to piss test the teenager shoveling your driveway.
  • 2. A Ford F-250 isn’t so unreasonable for city living now is it, Jeff?
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