Monday Morning Piss Heater: Danny Duffy Dominates Tampa Bay

The year was 2016 and Danny Duffy was fulfilling his promise as the only homegrown pitcher under the Dayton Moore era to be worth a darn. Still is, by the way.

Duffy would finish the year with 188 strikeouts in 179 innings and just 163 hits allowed. The best part about Duffy’s 2016 wasn’t the consistency, it was the peak performances that made you think he could be A Guy. August 1, 2016 against the Rays he was.

8 innings of 1 hit, 16 strikeout shovage, taking a no-hitter into the 8th, Duffy was on and made Rays looks absolutely silly.

Get your piss hot with Dan Duffy 96 mph heat and a disappearing changeup.