Sunday DAWT Links And NFL Picks

Happy New Year.

We’re getting 2022 started by celebrating the 13-0 week Scobes had ATS last week. A monumental performance, but the most important part is he took over the lead for the year from Broan. Winners win, and Scobes did just that.

Next, an announcement of sorts. We dropped hints a week ago of some new initiatives at DAWT and we’d like to bring you into the inner circle to discuss.

We’d like to get an idea of the content you like most, what content you’d like to get more of, and how much you really can do without more pictures of Broan showing up on your scroll.

We thank you for your help in guiding us into Phase 2. We’re just getting our feet wet, regaining our Internet writing form. 2022, we’re looking to make our push.

Were gonna have to start calling Seth Keysor Old Faithful because he’s the most reliable Chiefs news-source on the ‘net. Here he breaks down Patrick Mahomes, which is an insta-click.

Here’s a tweet that shows you just how good the Chiefs offense has been this year.

Controversy hit Twitter this week because the most popular podcast in the world had on one of the most credentialed experts in vaccines and virology on to discuss what’s been happening the last two years.

There’s two camps of people regarding the interview of Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used to create treatments for COVID-19: those that listened/watched the interview and had their eyes opened to new aspects of the pandemic, and those that sent snippy tweets without ever bothering to have listened.

The full interview is about three hours. It’s good. Everyone should put it in their earholes, no matter their priors. Seek information, always.

Here’s an important clip from it that was making the rounds:



MCGANNON: 10 – 3 (39 – 26 overall)

SCOBES: 13 – 0 (40 – 25)

LV @ IND+7 / -7LVIND
TB @ NYJ-13 / +13TBTB
ATL @ BUF+14.5 / -14.5ATLATL
KC @ CIN-5 / +5KCCIN
JAX @ NE+15.5 / -15.5NEJAX
MIA @ TEN+3.5 / -3.5MIATEN
LAR @ BAL-3.5 / +3.5LARLAR
DEN @ LAC+6.5 / -6.5DENLAC
ARI @ DAL+5.5 / -5.5DALDAL
CAR @ NO+7 / -7NONO
DET @ SEA+6.5 / -6.5SEADET
MIN @ GB+6.5 / 6.5GBGB