Sunday DAWT Links And NFL Picks

Christmas Week turning into New Year’s Week means a recap post. Deal with it.

We’ve had a lot of fun at DAWT in 2021 — launched an apparel shop, launched a challenge to throw a baseball really hard, and welcomed all of you along for the ride.

As we look ahead to 2022 and expanding our writers room, adding video and podcast content, and more, we look back to the best DAWT Links of this year.

Three Years Ago Today I Was Hoodwinked Into The Biggest Scam In Arrowhead Stadium History

Broan got got. Tried to buy a Mike Tyson Punchout framed picture for some dumb reason, and got left holding the bag. Classic McGannon. He even broke the 4th-wall by posting a picture of himself. Classic Internet mistake. Now the Chinese are going to computer generate his doppleganger and use that as the AVI to comment on gamer gate tweets.

90 By 40: Week 1

The announcement of the start of Scobes’ challenge to throw 90mph by his 40th birthday. Since then Scobes has added 17mphs in 14 weeks.

Even The Royals Broadcast Doesn’t Know How Runs Are Scored

The silliness of the Royals not understand offense seeps from the front office into the PR-arm/broadcast department.

Ryan McBroom Is Still In Triple-A And Only The Good Lord Knows Why

The hill Scobes will die on: Ryan McBroom is good. And even if he’s not “good”, he’s certainly better than Ryan O’Hearn, and at least 90% of Carlos Santana for a fraction of the price. The Royals handling of McBroom was predictable.

Major League Baseball’s Predictable, Hypocritical Stance On Cuba

Broan weighed in on MLB’s handling of the All-Star game in Georgia as compared to actual, real, humanitarian crisis in a communist led dictatorship in Cuba.

The unfortunate truth for MLB and its establishment handlers is that the situation in Cuba is inconvenient. The case used to be that politics was downstream from culture, but now it appears to be the other way around. Organizations and companies picking and choosing which cause du juor they are allowed to throw their mighty weight behind. As MLB players’ homeland burns, their employer sits silent after aggressively engaging in political activism for the last year. Is a genuinely real, humanitarian crisis and revolution not enough for them?

ESPN Was Too Busy Sucking Pete Alonso’s Dick And Ignored An Absolute Laser Show From Salvador Perez

The anger still seethes from this one. Sal Perez whipped out the hammer during the Home Run Derby and ESPN couldn’t stop cranking Pete Alonso long enough to notice.

Let’s Break Down The ‘Yeehaw At GEHA’ Last Night

When [they] come for this site, let it be known the Yeehaw At GEHA was written. The events of a sophomoric, and possibly criminal (?), superfan are incredible.



MCGANNON: 5 – 9 (29 – 23 overall)

SCOBES: 4 – 10 (27 – 25)

NYG @ PHI+10 / -10PHIPHI
JAX @ NYJ+1.5 / -1.5NYJNYJ
DET @ ATL+6.5 / -6.5DETDET
BUF @ NE+2.5 / -2.5BUFBUF
TB @ CAR-10 / +10TBTB
LAC @ HOU-9.5 / +9.5LACHOU
BAL @ CIN+3.5 / -3.5CINCIN
CHI @ SEA+6.5 / -6.5SEACHI
WAS @ DAL+10 / -10DALDAL
MIA @ NO-2.5 / +2.5MIAMIA
PIT @ KC+10 / -10KCKC