Sunday DAWT Links And NFL Picks

Four seasons as a starting quarterback in the NFL, four seasons hosting the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead.

We’ve come a long way since trying to convince ourselves Tyler Thigpen had something, the GM bugging the coach’s office, and Jackie Battle being the team’s leading rusher. The Chiefs are the hated team now, enjoy it.

So settle if for a day of nerves and prepare for battle with…

DAWT Links

The Monday Rant: 13 Seconds

We re-lived the Chiefs thrilling overtime victory over the Bills in the divisional round. To think, the greatest QB talent the league has ever seen scored with just 13 seconds remaining in regulation, and there are still pundits that think he’s the second best QB in multiple playoff matchups.

When It Matters

We were all over the playoff victory #content. Broan reminded you it was about the details. That’s why Pat is the best.

90 By 40: Week 19

We got an update from Scobes as he hit 80mph during his recent week of training. He also reminded us about the value of time

The Brian McGannon Guide To Weight Management During The Postseason

We brought you the only health advise you need to take during these times: how to manage your weight during the playoffs. No fat shaming here. Though shaming is the only surefire thing that’s ever worked.

Creed Humphrey Friday: Divisional Round

We brought you the best blocks of the week from the Best Rookie Center In The History Of The NFL.

Stupid Or Liar: Adam Rank

We ask the most important question when it comes to a media member or politician when they voice an opinion that can’t possibly be something they believe. Stupid or liar?

NFL Picks

SF @ LAR -3.5 CIN @ KC -7.5


(4-6 playoffs; 60-44 overall)


(4-6; 59-45)

Links From Around The Web

Nate Taylor knocked this piece about Travis Kelce out of the park.

This tweet thread by Patrick Mahomes’ trainer is astonishing. Mahomes is a freak.