Week 1 NFL Picks

Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day, at dawn, look the East.

The NFL is back. Life is whole again. Life has meaning again. We’re back. Pat’s back. 

The first Sunday of an NFL season should be a national holiday. Families everywhere should be required to put two TVs in the same room so they can watch RedZone on one, and their team on another. If wishing made it so.

And because the NFL season is back DAWT’s NFL picks are back. Every Sunday we’ll make our picks against the spread using the most up-to-date lines at the time of posting. 

Last season, McGannon and Scobes were on fire during the regular season ATS. McGannon finished 56-38 regular season, 60-44 overall including playoffs. Scobes finished 55-39, 59-45. We’re not saying to let us make you rich, but penny loafers and a 30-foot Trawler could be yours sooner than you think. Here’s our picks:

NO @ ATL-5.5 / +5.5NOATL
SF @ CHI-7 / +7SFCHI
PIT @ CIN+6.5 / -6.5CINPIT
PHI @ DET-4.5 / +4.5DETDET
NE @ MIA+3.5 / -3.5NEMIA
BAL @ NYJ-6.5 / +6.5BALBAL
JAX @ WAS+2.5 / -2.5JAXJAX
NYG @ TEN+5.5/ -5.5TENTEN
GB @ MIN-1.5 / +1.5GBGB
KC @ ARI-6 / +6KCKC
OAK @ LAC+3.5 / -3.5LACLAC
TB @ DAL-2.5 / +2.5DALDAL
DEN @ SEA-6.5 / +6.5DENDEN