Bobby Witt Jr. That’s It, That’s The Headline

They’re real and they’re spectacular…at least we hope.

Bobby Witt Jr. and Nick Pratto made their Triple-A debuts yesterday and their quality of at-bats along with raw tools on display were enough to makes Royals fans dream that The Process 2.0 is about to enter its 2013 equivalent. Especially Witt.

Batting second Witt’s first plate appearance started with an 0-2 count, and then 7 pitches later he laced a single to center.

Now the pitcher he was facing was 28-year-old and has never seen the major leagues, but don’t discredit the poise it takes to be down in the count, foul off pitches and battle your way to a 9-pitch-at-bat single in your first plate appearance at a new level.

The single was the quality at-bat. The raw tools…oh boy the raw tools, showed up in this plate appearancee:

A routine ground ball to third and he beats it out. That boys and girls, is Bobby Witt Jr. Cornerstone of The Process 2.0.